Sunday, March 8, 2009

my dream man

My Dream Man dream man???
so difficult how to explain,but i think the first think i want about my dream man is is because i'm so clumsy girl, i have to find someone can control me,right?
and also,i want someone can accept me in whatever situation,and who am i,i want he to accept me now and future me..
my dream man have to funny and always make me smile and laugh,and his not to fierce...
my dream man also know how to advice when i make mistake,
about his appearance....for me he must not to perfectionist guy,and if i can,i don't want him to be metrosexsual guy...
actually his must good looking also,but not too handsome,just only sweet,its enough.his,also must caring not on me but for my whole family...
i hope i can found my dream man,and his become my future husband...hehehe...
everyone in this world has their own dream man and woman,but not everyone can reach their dream in real life.

1 comment:

  1. Not someone like in the picture? Hehe. Hope you'll find him one day..