Saturday, February 7, 2009

'what i would like to change about myself'

Everyone in this world not perfect,like me,everyone want to change about theirselve ,i have so many things want to changes about myself,firstly in my life i want to change my body weight,i want my body mass index become to normal reading.....i also want to find ways how to control eat to much,until now i can't control myself to take food when someone offer to me,...
besides that,i also want to change myself to become hardworking and not postpone everything job that someone giving to me,especially my assignment, i want to submit my work at the date giving.
other than that,i want to learn to spend my money, i always use the money for something useless like buy something not important,sometimes i don't know where the money go after i use all the money that my parents give me..
i also want to not too much talking,
i think when i over talking i can hurt somebody feeling even they not tell me..and when we over talking we can wasting time,without doing anything job,
i also want to change my mindset to avoid thinking negative things,i always thinking negative when something happens in my life.
i think i have a lot to change about myself but i can't tell here....because it hard to say it..but i hope i can change this in myself even not all once its enough.