Thursday, July 30, 2009


MeRapu dan meraban
setelah lama tinggal mendaalah ni brpurnama lamnyer..baru ni rase nak update balik,i dont know why tetiba rase nak menaip ni...
maybe kot aku blur and frust ngan perasaan sendiri kot..
ermm,sekrng ni kampus aku cuti 'peristiwa h1n1'...tapi yg geramnya cuti sem taun ni dengr citer dsingktkn..
argggh bencinyer rasa,,tapi nk wat camner dah nasib...baru jer fun raser nak balik cuti lamer tapi dah jadi camni dah..

ermm cuti ni rase kejap jer,esok lusa da nak balik kampus da..tapi aku maybe terlewat sehari kut coz terbeli tiket lewat katakan..hihihi..
k.lah takat ni jerlah..nanti aku merapu&maraban balik..


Monday, March 9, 2009

what i would to do in 5 years.

What i would like to do in 5 years.

>firstly i want to finish my study in Diploma of Culinary Arts at Dungun at the time(2011)
after i get diploma, i want to finds experience first before continue study at degree level.i want
to work with hotel or restaurant for a while.

>after got experience i want to continue study at degree level in hotel managment.after that i want to apply in education course to be a teacher in secondary school to teaching in (ert) subject.

>and lastly i hope in 5 years i can engaged or marry with my dream man..... i think in 5 years is the perfect time to girl like me to marry.hehehe

Sunday, March 8, 2009

my dream man

My Dream Man dream man???
so difficult how to explain,but i think the first think i want about my dream man is is because i'm so clumsy girl, i have to find someone can control me,right?
and also,i want someone can accept me in whatever situation,and who am i,i want he to accept me now and future me..
my dream man have to funny and always make me smile and laugh,and his not to fierce...
my dream man also know how to advice when i make mistake,
about his appearance....for me he must not to perfectionist guy,and if i can,i don't want him to be metrosexsual guy...
actually his must good looking also,but not too handsome,just only sweet,its enough.his,also must caring not on me but for my whole family...
i hope i can found my dream man,and his become my future husband...hehehe...
everyone in this world has their own dream man and woman,but not everyone can reach their dream in real life.

The best thing that has never happened to my life

The best thing that never happened to my life

The best thing that never happened to my life is i joined the (Asean University Games) A.U.G being the volunteer for the opening and closing at Stadium National Bukit Jalil,Kuala Lumpur.i be there for one month from November until December 2008.
There are 2000 students being the volunteer from all campus UITM in Malaysia expect Sabah and Sarawak to joined that programme.
Forty students from UITM Dungun including me go to the campus Sham Alam for training for opening and closing performance at Stadium National Bukit Jalil,another one thing that i never forget is,for the first time i celebrate the "Hari Raya Haji' without my family besides me,although i quite sad but my friends always be here with me.
I never regret to be there,although i can't finished my whole semester break with my family,i feel so happy because i got a lot of new friends from another campus UITM in malaysia,
As long as i at shah alam, i take this changes to go to my best friends home,she is wany and atul(wany-syeksyen 18,atul-meru),their family treat me like their own daughter,i'm so happy get change to meet their family.
I think last semester break is the most happiness and interesting to me for my first year study in UITM Dungun,and last semester break also is the short holiday for me,it is because i just have one week at hone to finish my holiday,
I hope i can join this programme like this next time

Saturday, February 7, 2009

'what i would like to change about myself'

Everyone in this world not perfect,like me,everyone want to change about theirselve ,i have so many things want to changes about myself,firstly in my life i want to change my body weight,i want my body mass index become to normal reading.....i also want to find ways how to control eat to much,until now i can't control myself to take food when someone offer to me,...
besides that,i also want to change myself to become hardworking and not postpone everything job that someone giving to me,especially my assignment, i want to submit my work at the date giving.
other than that,i want to learn to spend my money, i always use the money for something useless like buy something not important,sometimes i don't know where the money go after i use all the money that my parents give me..
i also want to not too much talking,
i think when i over talking i can hurt somebody feeling even they not tell me..and when we over talking we can wasting time,without doing anything job,
i also want to change my mindset to avoid thinking negative things,i always thinking negative when something happens in my life.
i think i have a lot to change about myself but i can't tell here....because it hard to say it..but i hope i can change this in myself even not all once its enough.